How We Do Great Projects!

Here's A 5 Step Overview Of Our Methodology


The Brief

This is where we have our discovery meeting. An opportunity for us to discuss your project and for me to ask you a whole bunch of questions about why you need a new website and/or online marketing strategy and to find out what you're really trying to achieve. Some of these questions may go into a lot of detail and are very useful to both of us to give clarity and to keep us on the same page.
Then we'll produce a proposal, which formalises what we're looking to achieve and then the project kicks-off after receiving your deposit payment.


The Sitemap / Strategy

Once we have all the information needed, I'll build a visual sitemap of your new website (the cornerstone of your online presence) so we can make sure we're on the same page quickly and define the best way to structure the information to be presented to the world about your business. If we're also working together on your overall online presence, then I'll document the strategy that we'll implement together and give you details of the activities that you'll need to complete during the project.


The Prototype

Instead of trying to explain in detail what I intend to build and hoping that you understand all the associated jargon, we'll put together an interactive prototype of your website to show you how our solution will work. There's no detail around the design at this stage; it'll look basic BUT it gets us close to the end result faster!


The Design

This is where the fun starts with lots of style and creativity! We'll bring your new prototype to life based on your brand identity and I'll ask you to sign-off on the design so that we can move forward with the final step; delivery.


The Delivery

Final step - this is where we'll turn up the heat and make sure that everything agreed for your new website and/or online strategy is plugged in to place and fully tested, ready for you to show off to the waiting world! We'll also agree the support / care plan that needs to be in place to ensure that your site & marketing strategy continue to function at an optimum level!

All good - feel like we could work together?
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