Before We Get Started Working Together

There are a few things we need to be clear about!

You Need To Have Goals

It's really important that you know what your trying to achieve, otherwise how do you know if and when you get there?
If you don't have clear goals for your online presence or you're not prepared to work with me to define them, then we may not be well suited to working together!

You Have Energy & Passion

Building your online presence takes work & commitment, as does any aspect of your business. You need energy & passion to keep you going when the going gets tough.

You Must Have A Realistic Budget

You need to be able to invest cash in your business to see a positive return; that's just the way that it is! Sorry, but we don't work for equity in your business and we don't cut corners.

You Need An Audience

Whether your online presence is just your new website, or hopefully more - building an audience through a variety of proven methods is key to generating customers online.
If you don't have an audience for your business, then be prepared to build one!

You Need A Team

You can't do everything on your own - if you don't have a team (even a part-time assistant) or you're not prepared to get help to support your business, then it's going to be a challenge!

You Have Time

If we work together on your project, I will need you to put aside adequate time to invest in it. At times throughout the project, I will need your undivided attention and timely responses!

If you're comfortable with all of the above, then great - there's a good chance that we can work together!
Click the Apply button below to get the ball rolling!

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