Frequently Asked Questions

There always seem to be a common set of questions that clients and potential clients ask when it comes to their new website or online marketing strategy, so I've put them here in case they may be of help! These will be added to over time as other questions rise to the top...

Do you only develop websites?

What Online Marketing Services do you provide?

Does my business need all of these services?

I'm not familiar with how online development projects work - can you help?

How much does a website cost?

How long does it take to build the website?

Do I need my own domain name & website hosting?

What is a domain name?

What is web hosting?

Do you provide training?

What is SEO?

Do you write the content for my site?

Do you create e-commerce / online stores / online training courses or membership sites?

Can you make videos to promote my product / service?

Can you create a logo for my business?

What happens after my website is built - am I on my own?

What about my online marketing strategy - am I on my own after you've implemented it?