​Webtaktix was born from my desire to help others, especially small businesses who need help understanding how to make their website and online marketing work for them.
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Mark Fouet Director
Digital Marketing Consultant

Mark Fouet is the Director & Owner of Webtaktix. He's a Digital Project Manager and Marketing Consultant with over 30 years' experience in corporate technology, including project management, marketing services, training course delivery, application systems development and web design & development. He has worked with organisations such as Cancer Research UK, Interflora, LoveFilm and Lucoazde Suntory, as well as many smaller businesses.
With extensive experience in all phases of software development and website development life cycles, he is successful in effectively designing, implementing and managing digital marketing solutions, including the delivery of marketing automation and sales funnel processes. In his spare time, Mark supports the mighty Brighton & Hove Albion and enjoys outdoor walking, camping and watching quality drama.

Ed is a Digital Project Manager with over 15 years' experience in project management, technical education, computer networking, web design and development. He has a degree in Modern Languages from the University of Westminster. With extensive experience in all phases of the website development life cycle, he is successful in effectively designing, implementing and managing digital marketing solutions based on Content Management Systems. He has experience in enhancing existing websites and implementing performance improvements with consistent success in cost reduction. In his spare time, Edward likes to read historical fiction, cycle, and performs regularly on the trombone.

Ed Digital Project Manager
Lisa Senior Designer

Lisa has a passion for technology and functional design. Her previous roles range from Corporate Event Manager (MC Inc., Toronto and Knexus Ltd., London) to Design Director (Nortel Networks, Toronto and ICL/Fujitsu, London) and Studio Manager (for the largest European ISP portal, now known as TalkTalk). Her clients include IBM, GlaxoSmithKline, General Electric, Bell Canada, Canadian Opera Company, ARGOS Interactive Television, ClickMusic, Mercedes Benz, The BBC Shop, Sega Europe and many more. She has good eye for design coupled with excellent creative and technical knowledge and of all the things she’s done, she loves working with individuals and SMEs who are passionate about what they do and happy to have someone guide them through the minefield that is technology. In her spare time, Lisa likes to watch movies, cook, and spend time with friends and family.

Tracey is passionate about all aspects of design and has helped many clients create effective identities and branding for their organisations. With a background in corporate branding, commercial web design and over 20 years in creative print, she is able to offer supporting design services both in the private and voluntary sector. Working with both start-ups and blue chip companies, clients have included London Gatwick Airport, Carers Support West Sussex, Headway, Tony Tobin Restaurants, Hilton Hotels as well as leading IT companies both in the UK and Worldwide. In her spare time she likes to explore both art galleries and flea markets, with a passion for glass and ceramics and all things extraordinary. 

Tracey Designer
Andrei Senior Developer

Andrei has worked as a web developer since 1998 and has significant experience in programming languages and databases, user interfaces and user experience. He has worked in many different vertical markets and has worked for an advertising agency.  Andrei specialises in custom development and always aims to deliver stable, fast and secure websites. He handles all the technical activities which most of us don't see or necessarily appreciate and his specialities include automation and connecting data between systems, so companies can have information from their internal databases accessible on their public facing websites.
In his spare time, he plays hockey in a local league, reads books (sci-fiction, fantasy) and learning photography.

Ben is a great all-round developer. He has a broad range of experience, including complicated database and programming work as well as giving apps and websites an intuitive user experience and making them look great. Ben has also worked on a personal project where he created a custom device to reduce back problems by making people move more and make them train their back muscles with the device. It's fair to say that Ben is a bit of a nerd, but he's not just your average nerd!  He's also very social and enjoys things like hanging out with friends and playing some extreme metal drums. Going to see his favorite bands and playing live are the things he likes the most.

Ben Developer
Mark Fouet is a certified Digital Business Consultant

WPE Certified Digital Business Consultant

A dedicated program specialising in digital consultancy best practices, client communication strategies and advanced website systems & processes, designed to streamline the client experience and produce an exceptional online presence. Both Mark & Ed are certified WPE digital consultants.

Linda Barbour lindabarbour.co.uk

I contacted Mark when I was having problems with my website marketing. He was quick to respond and kept me informed at every stage of the work. He was very patient and generous with his time. He even spoke to me in language I understood – unlike many other techie people I have had dealings with! If you need some help or support with any aspect of your web marketing I would highly recommend Mark at Webtaktix for effective results and great service.

Webtaktix has three core founding principles -​

  • Do The Right Thing For The Client
  • Be Friendly & Professional
  • Integrity First

Webtaktix is based in sunny Bexhill-On-Sea on the beautiful East Sussex coast and our clients come from around the UK as well as Sussex.
Don't worry if you're not local, we can communicate by phone, Skype or other online channels!

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